Temporary Switch to Manual Cashout

June 4, 2019, by Admin

We are temporarily moving to manual cash-out due to abuse.


All pending cash-outs will be processed within the next 7 days. We are working to manually review them.


Please ensure your wallet address is linked to FaucetHub in order to receive payment. 

Thanks for awesome patronage!

Let's keep stacking satoshi cool
- The Clickforbit Team

Announcement: Lolli Browser Extension

May 23, 2019, by Admin

Get $5 when you use the Lolli browser extension!

How To Earn at CFBTC

March 30, 2019, by Admin

Welcome to CFBTC!

You heard correctly, we're giving away bitcoin every-day through our Bitcoin Faucet, Offerwall, and Paid-to-click / surf advertisments and it couldn't be easier for you to join and claim yours today.


First, head over to the registration page and create your username and password for CFB. We will set you up with your account. Once you are set up we'll send you an email (Please note - there will be a slight delay as we manually confirm all new members, but it won't be long before you start earning your free coin. Don't forget to check your spam folder if you haven't heard from us in 24 seconds). Next, set up a free account in at FaucetHub.

Now you are ready to head over to the faucet. Complete the simple CAPTCHA and use your Faucethub associated deposit address to start earning free coin! Your deposit address can be found on your "User Dashboard" under the deposit tab. If you don't have a wallet address


Faucethub is a micropayment platform that sits at the center of a large faucet network. (Hence the "hub"). As a user you will find that it is mobile friendly and easy to manage your balances. Faucethub is perfect for us because they will make it easy for us to pay you free coin!


Our faucet will pay an amount from 15 satoshis to 10000 satoshis every time you complete a CAPTCHA and make a claim. Right now it is in beta, and you can use it up to ten times per day. This may change in the future so be sure to pay attention to our


Our faucet is unique in that we will be rewarding you for using our visitor (in addition to rewarding you CFBUX for using our offerwalls).

In other words, we we're rewarding your loyalty.

You will earn CFBUX and The exchange rate changes based on the Bitcoin USD price.


Earn a 15% referral commission on every member you send our way. That means every time your referral claims their free bitcoin, you get 15% of their winnings! Refer as many people as you want!


Our free faucet is sponsored by! It's actually the parent organization for many of the Bitcoin Promo Code services (just google it).

It's the perfect place to match your love for cryptocurrency with web hosting. Accepting over thirty types of cryptocurrency and web hosting packages start as low as $4 / month. Host your own Faucet with coupon code faucet and receive 150% of your first order BACK as a deposit to your FaucetHub balance. Several other services available. Refer a friend and receive 15% of each friends payments FOR LIFE, paid daily -- at -- Join us!

Howdy, Clickers and Clickees!

June 28, 2018, by Admin

Our faucet is provided by the team at Bitcoin Promo Code and sponsored by: Web Services

Do you want your own website with cryptocurrency acceptance and unlimited customization possibilities?

Our websites run on reliable crypto-powered cloud-based webhosting from our sponsors at Coinhost. Setup your website in minutes. Simple faucet integration provided by long-time trusted partners at Bitcoin Promo Code.

We couldn't do this without the FaucetHub team and mexicantarget!

Thank you -- to all visitors and advertisers! 

Warmly, cool

The CFBTC Team